About Us

At CONCA, we push limits and break boundaries with our product designs and development! Our goal is to keep our apparel, equipment, and fight wear fresh and innovative but maintain that quality that you know and love! We strive to enable and inspire athletes and sports enthusiasts worldwide to keep chasing their dreams. We aim to be the first choice of all competitive and recreational athletes internationally. Whether you are Grapplers, runners, MMA fighters, Crossfit enthusiasts, or you just are focused in fitness, we are the brand for you!

If you’re passionate about life and athleticism, then you understand that the only obstacles in life that will prevent you from reaching your true potential are only the ones you acknowledge.

Never back down.

What is CONCA?

CONCA is an acronym for “CONTINUOUS CALCULATED ACTION”, which we found to be the common denominator amongst most, if not all, sports.